About Your Instructor

¡Hola! Soy Señora Hinman.

As a family, we try hard but we aren’t perfect.

I have been fascinated with the Spanish language ever since I was 6 years old, when I met my friend Jennifer who spoke Spanish with her family. Listening to her family communicate sparked an insatiable curiosity in me. I made a goal right then to be fluent in Spanish one day! As a Sophomore in high school I finally got the chance to formally begin learning. Soaking up everything I could and speaking with anyone who would practice Spanish with me, I learned quickly. (I didn’t make A’s on every test, but I don’t believe that taking tests makes you fluent, either!)

I went on to major in Spanish Education at Murray State University in Murray, KY, where I tested into 3rd year level classes as a freshman. I saved a lot of time and money by studying hard in high school! I loved studying Spanish, and I wanted to study more abroad! I went to Mexico twice and Chile and Argentina each once. Every time I visited a Spanish-speaking country, I fell more in love with the language and culture.

I came back home, student taught, graduated with honors and found my first job out of college. Upon being hired by Avaza Language Services out of Nashville, TN to be a satellite (over-the-phone) interpreter, I knew that I had reached my goal. I had gone from, “Hola, ¿Cómo está usted?” as a sophomore in high school to interpreting Spanish/English conversations upon completing my college degree.

I want to help enable passionate and curious learners to communicate in Spanish! First I learned to speak Spanish. Then I learned to teach it. Now I am excited to set off on a journey with you and your Little Learner to discover the Spanish language!

Heidi, front right (not the dog), and college friends in Valparaíso, Chile.
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