Class Schedule and Description

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Session Dates TBD

Spanish Class is moving during Summer 2021! Please check back soon for new dates in the Phoenix West Valley!

If you want your child to learn Spanish conversation and culture in a supportive environment and in a fun and engaging way, you’re in the right place! Spanish Class focuses on each individual learner in small class sizes of 8 – 10 learners. We sing, dance, and move! We craft and create! At Spanish Class for Curious Learners, we believe learning should be fun!

Classes Offered

  • Quetzals: Ages 6-8 years old
    (The quetzal is a beautiful small Central American bird, especially important to the country of Guatemala.) Our Quetzals class features learning through different traditional songs and games! We play and learn with puppets, stories, and lots of movement! Conversation and culture are intertwined as they learn about children just like them who play, learn, sing, love, and live in Spanish-speaking countries. Your child might be ready for this class if they have strong verbal skills and love to interact in a small class environment!
  • Iguanas: Ages 9-11 years old
    Our Iguanas class is a fun mix of music, stories, movement, games, and beginning reading in Spanish! (Don’t worry, learners are not required to read in front of the class!) We enjoy playing games, illustrating vocabulary, speaking in conversation partners, and learning about different Spanish speaking countries!
  • Llamas: Ages 12-14 years old
    Our Llamas learners are introduced to beginning grammar concepts through stories, songs and poems. We learn vocabulary with pictures, actions, and items, rather than vocabulary lists. Learners study culture both in and out of class and enjoy sharing what they discover with others!
  • Jaguars: Ages 15-17 years old
    Remember your Spanish 1 class in high school where you conjugated verbs till the bell rang? Yeah, the Jaguars class is not that. 🙂 In this class, learners are introduced to vocabulary and grammar concepts through (clean) popular music, stories, poems, etc. Students develop confidence in the Spanish language as they read, write, speak and listen in Spanish. This class is perfect for learners who have never studied Spanish before, or who have had some exposure to the language.

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