Small Group Classes, Phoenix West Valley

*For information about enrolling a home school co-op or a school group, please visit the “Schools and Co-ops” page.

Session Information

Each session is 7 weeks; four 7-week sessions are held each academic year. Sign up for one session or all four! Each session features new and unique material geared for beginner and intermediate learners. Fees per session are: $15 registration per family, and $115 enrollment fee per student. Sibling discounts are available!


Q: How much is Spanish Class?
A: Registration fee is $15/family and each 7-week session fee is $115/student.

Q: Is there a sibling discount?
A: Yes! Siblings enroll at 10% off!

Q: What materials do I need to buy for my learner?
A: No materials needed! All is covered by the registration fee.

Q: Where are Spanish Classes held?
A: Spanish Class is moving to the the Phoenix West Valley! Please email info@spanishclasslv.com for address. Spanish Classes is also open to teaching for your home school co-op! Contact for more information!

Q: What do students learn in Spanish Class?
A: Students learn basic conversational Latin American Spanish and explore a little about Spanish-speaking countries around the world. Little to no grammar and mechanics is included in regular instruction. Rather, Spanish Class teaches through song, signs, movements, and repetition, all while having a lot of fun!

Q: Will my child be fluent after taking classes with Spanish Class?
A: Probably not. Fluency takes a long time with prolonged exposure to the language. One hour a week is not enough. But your child will develop a curiosity about the language which may lead to a life long pursuit, eventually leading to fluency (like Sra. Hinman!)

Payment Policy

  • The $15 registration fee is non-refundable and goes towards materials for class.
  • Session fees are to be paid in full one week in advance of starting the session, unless other arrangements are made upon enrolling in Class.
  • Fees for Class can be 100% refunded if a student cancels with ONE WEEK NOTICE PRIOR to beginning the session.
  • Fees for Class can be 50% refunded if a student cancels within the first three weeks of the session. Please advise in writing as soon as possible if student will discontinue Spanish Class.
  • Fees for Class will not be refunded after the fourth week of the session.
  • Missed Classes will not be refunded.

It is the parent’s responsibility to contact Sra. Hinman for notice to discontinue and for refunds.

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